General / 01 January 2022

Together with my friends Chiara Cavalli and Rosaria Battilorowe fell in love with some traditional Victorian Xmas greetings cards and we decided to create some special ones "Victorian mood inspired" of our own! This is mine for 2022 Have a great one everyone!

Link to the original Victorian cards thread: https://twitter.com/LaurynIpsum/status/1471680617452429312?s=20  

Halloween season has started in Sunshine Days !

News / 01 October 2021

These are some of the concepts I did for the items you can collect in our season pass


"Two Doors to Die" - 7dfps 2020

General / 15 December 2020

I just took part with some friends in the 7dfpd 2020. They called me to create some paintings for photographs and posters for the incredibly amazing game they were creating. It's a sci-fi noir, a detective story... What more can you ask?

I did have a lot of fun and this is the amazing result! Please play it and tell us what do you think about it!

Follow this link to download and play it: https://itch.io/jam/7dfps-2020/rate/824758

Follow this link to watch the gameplay on Youtube: https://youtu.be/ZyVfpnF_c20




Mermaid tarots in progress!

News / 02 November 2020

This spring I participated in the Mermay challenge for the first time and now I am developing the thumbnails I created to create a tarot deck! 

What do you think about the layout? 


News / 15 September 2020

Omg, I just received the prototype of my very first self published book!

I still need to adjust some small details and yet it looks awesome, I love the printing the paper and the material!!!


Gravity Sketch

General / 12 August 2020

I am recently exploring this software (Gravity Sketch) and the more I do, the more I love it. 

Sketching a simple ambient like this is very quick, you can move around furniture and elements in a matter of seconds and, after establishing some ideas and taking some screenshots, you can start painting (or overpainting) it, with your final piece having a realistic sense of distances and proportions... It's just great!

My 30 days Modo experience - Overview

General / 03 August 2020











Sailor Moon redraw challenge

General / 27 May 2020

Well, I couldn't really resist.

When I was younger I used to record every episode on VHS and since not always we had new ones in my house I risked my life overwriting my mom and dad movies ones... I am sorry! But, in the long run, we don't even have a use for VHS anymore :D #sailormoonredraw 

Art VS Artist

General / 11 May 2020

Six Fanarts

General / 09 April 2020