Jessy and Nessy on air from the 13th of March!

News / 05 March 2020

From 13th of March you'll be able to follow the adventures of Jessy and Nessy on Amazon! 

I was part of the artistic team who worked on it and I really can't wait for it to become alive on screen! Following this link you can take a look at the official trailer: 

S.W.A.C.K.! - Global Game Jam 2020

News / 09 February 2020

This year I attended again the Global Game Jam. This time I was part of the Guildford venue, kindly offered by Wargaming and organized by Jon Kelliher, in the UK.

What's the Global Game Jam?

"Innovation - Experimentation - Collaboration

The Global Game Jam® (GGJ) is the world's largest game jam event (game creation) taking place around the world at physical locations. Think of it as a hackathon focused on game development. It is the growth of an idea that in today’s heavily connected world, we could come together, be creative, share experiences and express ourselves in a multitude of ways using video games – it is very universal. The weekend stirs a global creative buzz in games, while at the same time exploring the process of development, be it programming, iterative design, narrative exploration or artistic expression. It is all condensed into a 48-hour development cycle. The GGJ encourages people with all kinds of backgrounds to participate and contribute to this global spread of game development and creativity."

It was amazing! The reception was incredible, people fun and so talented and everyone managed to present its own working game at the end of it.

So we had a great time. 

And I have had the luck of being part of a fantastic team of developers so, without further ado... Here's our game! :D (And following this link you can download and play it and find all the information about the game itself and my team members names and contact <3)

"As an honourable member of the Stellar Wreckage and Calamity Knights, it is your job to rescue spaceships from impending destruction by flinging their broken bits together. "

Exhibition in Reading, Caversham

News / 20 January 2020

Hi everyone!

I'm very excited to say that from this week you'll be able to see my paintings on the walls of my favourite place in Caversham, Tipsy Bean! 

The paintings are in watercolours and gouache and they will be available for sale.


Merry Xmas!

General / 25 December 2019


Have a wonderful Xmas time!

Space Runner - Making assets for a Pixi game

General / 11 November 2019

So! This weekend I had a fun opportunity: since my husband was working on a spaceship game test, I realized the logo and the assets for him.

I really loved it!

Art style is as simple as I could because we developed in less than a day but I hope we will be do some new experiments like this one because I enjoyed it very much :D

In the meanwhile, if you want to play it you can follow this link: 

You can't really win, because there are no points counter nor an ending (yet), but you can make enemies ships explode if you want to truìy :D

spacebar to shoot, arrows to move your ship around ;)

Procedural with Blender!

General / 07 November 2019

Ok, so I decided to follow a tutorial (this one: ) and try to realize something entirely with the node editor. No modelling at all.

I have to say: it is so cool and it is a nightmare as well XD

But we want to stay in the cool part! 

Since it was my first time I obviously tried to do all the messier choices possible. Especially when it comes to the rock shapes.

And I didn't exactly use the right normals for the texture I used, nor the right rough materials... I experimented about everything. 

And believe me, it seems nothing but the node editor is so full of windows linked to each other that it is unbelievable!

I did have a lot of fun, I learned some new interesting stuff and I think that some part of this new knowledge could be in effect useful to me in the future :D

Only thing is that for this kind of work YOU HAVE TO USE CYCLE because on Eevee it simply doesn't appear anything on the screen. And my ice age pc struggle a lot with cycle. To not mention how difficult is to place the camera when every small movement cause the picture to become a dust explosion and you have to wait for the end of the sandstorm to understand exactly where you are.

Anyway, here it is, my procedural bay.

Studying Blender 2.8

General / 05 November 2019

Lately, I decided to try something other than just following tutorials and I tried to create a landscape and a character in Blender 2.8 without following any tutorial.

Of course they are a bit messy but I'm so proud that I did it somehow! I can't wait to try something new and, this way, I can fix better what I did learn trough the tutorials and I also am starting to have some question of my own about how to do this or that and this way I can go looking for answers. This is fun.

So this is what I did during the past week:


For this one I used Eevee for the render because I love the cartoon colours and shapes that I can obtain with it. These are not the final rendered pictures, I just wanted to save some quick shots to paint over in Photoshop (I'm actually doing it this week).


For the rendering of the Halloween spooky pumpkin I used Cycles because the light was more dramatical with it :D

[RESTLESS] - The born of this small new world and my personal journey into it

Making Of / 23 January 2019

Some months ago I participated in the Wild West ArtStation challenge.

I choose the character design field to try on because I love to work on backgrounds and props and I usually leave not enough space to practice on characters, so I wanted to have a reason for having fun with them for once in a while. 

This was my final result:

Very far from perfect.

But I completed the "quest" on time, I had fun and, the most important thing, I created something new.

Every character has its own story and all the stories combined together created one: a small universe called "Restless".

I was in love with that sparkle of a universe so I started to explore a bit more this new world. I tried with some sketches of plants, buildings, I did a 3D simple model of the saloon (one of the main environments to develop because central to the story of a few characters), tried with some characters expressions and gestures but I was a bit lost.

A bit because I started, only one month later, my first job in an animation studio (JAM Media) and I was totally absorbed by the excitement for the project we are working on; but a lot more because I was working without a real idea about where I did want to bring this project. 

So I was doing some nice things (and some crappy I have to say) but I wasn't really 100% into it, even if I was so enthusiastic at the beginning. I felt too slow and without a direction.

But some days ago I decided to change the approach and I thought: "Ok stop: what do you like to do?"

I like the universe. I like documentaries about cosmos and I like black and white sketches. 

And I liked the idea to use some science mixed to the magical elements that I had in my world and maybe add a bit of tech. I would definitely love the idea of meshing up these elements.

So I did a step back and I tried to do a basic sketch of my new world. This was the result:

Again, no perfect, a lot of thing in the future will have to be modified or adapted (some already are changing shape) But I finally have a graphic idea of where are in this world the location I needed. Some new ideas born during this process. Maybe some other will arrive in the future and some of those I will never use.


But finally I feel a sense of direction in this project! The first place I want to define is the village where Ahote and Yutu born, so I took the piece of the map that was created for this purpose and started to re-designed it.

This is the result so far:

Not 100% a final piece BUT something else started to gain its shape into my mind. At this point, it would be easy to give in to the temptation of creating the much more interesting and "mystical" locations inside the mountains but I cannot run from the village. Here it is and is far too simple yet; I clearly have not created for it a personality of sort.

So I need to take care of it before to proceed.

I'm starting these days with sketching some of the huts and doing the turnarounds of my favourites, like this one:

So, colours are banished for now. I'm usually too much into painting and I don't want to risk to get lost in it.

And I have to say, I am quite enjoying this black and white exploration, I can clearly see my next moves even if I'm just at the beginning and I have a lot to do. But now this "lot to do" is an exciting thing and I can't wait to go and explore every corner of the Restless world and to develop all the locations, the creatures, the vegetation, the props and vehicles and mechanics and laws and, of course... the characters.

I decided to use this space to tell you about my journey and if you will want to share with me your opinions, critiques and thoughts feel free to do it, I can't wait to read them!