Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found - ENVIRONMENTS

I thought about a civilization with Roman style based architecture and Tuscany like vegetation.

I choose the most peaceful place, symbol of the top of the culture of this civilization, and the most disgraced point.

The temple area, with the Great Astronomical Temple, surrounded by the two buildings dedicated to laws and culture and fronted by four shrines dedicated to the four elements (water, earth, wind and fire). In the original project I also imagined the forum area and the arena but in the end I decided to not include them in the final design (but you can see them in the 3D model concept).

The second design shows a part of the city far away from the most beautiful attractions and from the primary necessity supplies.
This area was once inhabited by the medium class of citizen, then abandoned, and now populated by the poorest people of the city.
For this second design I have chosen to build the set on a small market plaza at dawn.

There are tiny hints about their technology.