Samurai district



Another background I realized for the game (S)wordsmith [Conversational combat simulator].

This is a samurai district ancient street at night.

The whole idea was to mix together a traditional anime background style with some elements from traditional Japanese prints and the aesthetic in decors from African art.

I wanted to show this one because it was built with a different approach in the workflow than the other one (the memory of a dojo, where I did some classic research through traditional sketches).

Basically I collected pieces of existing ancient samurai district streets with Google Map (who's a great friend, especially in time of rush) and put them together creating a collage that I used to create the lineart for the illustration.

"(S)wordsmith" is a game ideated by Tristan Jacobs.

"Built upon the intention of combining a choose-your-own-adventure game with a beat-em up, (s)wordsmyth is an unconventional, samurai-inspired, revenge story that includes sentient swords and yokai warriors. "