The lost city - Part 1

At the end of May I attended a spectacular workshop with Jama Jurabaev as teacher (this one:

We where divided in teams and we received an assignment.

The concept and 3D work was a teamwork result (and our team had the brilliant Gianluca Rolli as 3D team leader) and then we individually did our paintovers of the generated keyframes.

These are my first two (I'm posting them only now because I was in the middle of moving from Dublin back to the UK): the Templars arriving at the ruins site.

These are the links to Jama Jurabaev and to my team members pages:

Jama Jurabaev:
Gianluca Rolli:
Giuditta Betti:
Alessandro Ardita:

Elisa moriconi frame2n elisa s

Templars heading to the ancient ruins - At the feet of the abandoned village

Elisa moriconi frame01 and 02

The original 3D work was the result of team work:
3D team leader:
Gianluca Rolli

Team Members who collaborated at the scene creation:
Giuditta Betti
Alessandro Ardita

Textures and Lighting: Jama Jurabaev

Elisa moriconi sketch 02b

The original idea was to have a contrast between the Templars and something else; we decided for something that is not what is seem at a first glance