[Restless] - Into the Wolf Mountain

I am developing some story moments for Restless and particularly for the central part of it.

This picture start as a little loosy sketch but helped me to think about some interesting ideas to write down about the path of my hero.

Elisa moriconi expl01 d

Why was it there? Why is Ahote looking for it? Is it a discovery or it was something he did on purpose? All this questions helped me developing the picture and the story as well.

Elisa moriconi expl01

The first question I came up with was: ok, what is he looking? It is not mandatory to answer to it in a picture, the mistery can be intriguing as well, but in this case I wanted an eye contact.
So I sketched a creature from the Sacred Wolf Mountain.

Elisa moriconi r thumb 06

The original study.
I liked it like it is as well but I wanted to try giving it a bit more of a context