Restless - Wild West challenge
Elisa moriconi lineup finale

Cover - Characters Lineup

Elisa moriconi fern

Fern F. Corman (Gunslinger)

Elisa moriconi ahote

Ahote (Skinwalker ghost)

Elisa moriconi lilian

Lilian U. Wisemond (Deputy Sheriff)

Elisa moriconi cleave

Cleave Mendleson (gambler, informant)

Elisa moriconi martn

Martn Detwiler (outlaw)

Elisa moriconi elmo

Elmo W. Harghaugh (outlaw, Ahote's murderer)

Elisa moriconi wycoff

Wycoff Kunkel (Sheriff)

Elisa moriconi eloisa

Tiny Daisy (gunslinger, bounty hunter)

Elisa moriconi yutu

Yutu (Skinwalker, Ahote's twin sister)

Elisa moriconi euna

Euna Castle (townfolk, ostler, informant. Friend of Cleave and Tiny Daisy).

Elisa moriconi proe colore

colour palettes studies

Elisa moriconi fern

work in progress

Elisa moriconi first ideas

work in progress

Elisa moriconi references


Restless - Wild West challenge

This time I wanted to create some characters for the Wild West Artstation challenge, just to step out a bit of my "comfort zone" and work on something that Iove, create characters with a story, but that I cannot do too often.

What I tried to do on this particular project, since I haven't had too much time to work on it, unfortunately, was concentrate on choosing a colour palette that was not only a good fit for the character but also in harmony with the entire group and well balanced with the other characters most close to him/her.

Since I really enjoyed this small start I want to explore them and their world more :)

More artwork
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