General / 05 November 2019

Studying Blender 2.8

Lately, I decided to try something other than just following tutorials and I tried to create a landscape and a character in Blender 2.8 without following any tutorial.

Of course they are a bit messy but I'm so proud that I did it somehow! I can't wait to try something new and, this way, I can fix better what I did learn trough the tutorials and I also am starting to have some question of my own about how to do this or that and this way I can go looking for answers. This is fun.

So this is what I did during the past week:


For this one I used Eevee for the render because I love the cartoon colours and shapes that I can obtain with it. These are not the final rendered pictures, I just wanted to save some quick shots to paint over in Photoshop (I'm actually doing it this week).


For the rendering of the Halloween spooky pumpkin I used Cycles because the light was more dramatical with it :D