General / 07 November 2019

Procedural with Blender!

Ok, so I decided to follow a tutorial (this one: ) and try to realize something entirely with the node editor. No modelling at all.

I have to say: it is so cool and it is a nightmare as well XD

But we want to stay in the cool part! 

Since it was my first time I obviously tried to do all the messier choices possible. Especially when it comes to the rock shapes.

And I didn't exactly use the right normals for the texture I used, nor the right rough materials... I experimented about everything. 

And believe me, it seems nothing but the node editor is so full of windows linked to each other that it is unbelievable!

I did have a lot of fun, I learned some new interesting stuff and I think that some part of this new knowledge could be in effect useful to me in the future :D

Only thing is that for this kind of work YOU HAVE TO USE CYCLE because on Eevee it simply doesn't appear anything on the screen. And my ice age pc struggle a lot with cycle. To not mention how difficult is to place the camera when every small movement cause the picture to become a dust explosion and you have to wait for the end of the sandstorm to understand exactly where you are.

Anyway, here it is, my procedural bay.